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English language proficiency is a requirement for the students of ESUMER at the different levels including: carreras tecnológicas, ciclos profesionales, and programas de posgrado. It is the responsibility of ESUMER to provide for its students the tools and pedagogic processes necessary to adequately learn English. There are several ways to complete the English requirement of Esumer according to the degree the student is applying for, please keep in mind the levels are based in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR):

B1: Carreras tecnológicas

B2: Ciclos profesionales There are several ways to complete

1. Courses at Esumer: The University offers 4 English levels during the “carrera tecnologica” to achieve the B1 level, students must approve all of them to complete the requirement with a minimum grade of 3.0. These courses are offered with 2 hours’ class participation with the teacher and 4 hours of independent work with the virtual platform.

For the “ciclo professional” students have the option to take 3 more levels (English V, VI and VII) 100% online for 9 months with 200 total hours of independent work with the virtual platform to achieve the B2 level.

2. Placement Test (Examen nivelatorio de inglés) The Placement Test is only offered to new students or students who have not yet taken any English class at the institution. The Placement Test is completely free, only offered once to the students, must be taken no later than 15 days after the school semester begins, and will only be accepted with a minimum grade of 3.0.

  • Students who take the Placement Test and achieve a level of comprehension higher than the first level offered at ESUMER will be excused from those classes and will be placed in the appropriate level of English classes.
  • Students who take the test and have achieved a level of comprehension higher than the four classes offered at ESUMER will be excused from those classes after the Language coordinator approval.

3. Pruebas Saber Pro: The result of the test can certificate the language competence with a level of B1 for carreras tecnologicas or B2 for ciclos profesionales.

Results must be sent directly to the Language Coordinator to verify the document.

4. English classes from other institute.

Students must certify 375 hours for carreras tecnologicas and 575 hours for ciclos profesionales. The certification must include: duration of the course, hours per course and grade.

Note: The institution or school must be certified by the law NTC 5580. The certification should be approved by the English Language Coordinator and the classes couldn’t be taken two years before of the current date.

5.  Presenting an external test:  Listed below are the tests commonly used to certify the English level of the students, B1 for carreras tecnologicos and B2 for ciclos profesionales

  • Duolingo English Test
  • MET
  • Toefl ITP
  • Toefl IBT
  • Bulats
  • Glotta

Students are free to choose how to approve the English requirement

 level for the University





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