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    Beginning this Monday 26 September, the first versión of the “International Diploma Course on Cultural Research” in Medellin. The course is aimed at directors and Iberoamerican university professors immersed in the world of international research. It focuses on strengthening the elements that integrate the culture of research in the area of social science.
    Through this effort by Colombian and Spanish universities, the Colombian-Spanish network has been consolidated and integrated institutions of higher education in Medellin, Bogota and other cities in the country in agreement with the International University of Rioja in Spain which is interested in strengthening the internationalization of research with a view toward accreditation of a high quality.
    In this first version, Esumer will be the principal seat of the event together with Umininuto and will receive three spanish experts.

    List of some of the participating universities:

    Universidad Internacional de La Rioja- España
    Uniminuto - Bello -
    Universidad de Sabaneta -
    Esumer -

    New Agreements, New Opportunities for you..Office of International Relations

    We are pleased to tell the Esumer community that this year the agreement began at the University of Boston.

    Through this agreement the whole community can access:

    1. Undergraduate semester program: the applicant may take three to five courses (12 to 20 credits) during a semester at the University of Boston
    2. Customs operations users
    3. Graduate program: the applicant will be able to take sixteen credits at the University of Boston, with the possibility of an international internship
    4. Summer course: Language program that lasts two to six weeks at the University of Boston

    All questions should be directed to the email: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

  • Ambassadors Abroad

    International Volunteer Experience | AIESEC Agreement - Esumer

    Learn about the experience of Santiago Carmona Porras - International Business graduate participating in his social internship through the AIESEC Agreement - Esumer connects and changes the economic and cultural perspective of the world!

    5 reasons to be a part of AIESEC

    Here are just 5 reasons to be part of AIESEC; however, we there are many more. Dare to discover what it is and be part of the change!

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    FEI-Coordination: Technology in International Commerce – Academic Extension - Internationalization

    The La Feria de Países is an organized activity for the Faculty of International Studies during the esumeriana week, where the formation of the student is promoted through the development of professional, human and social responsibility skills, plus research skills, as well as written and oral communication.

    The Faculty of International Studies together with its students, offers the academic community  opportunities to reflect, strengthen, confront and experience in a practical and fun way, learning in the classroom.

    Participation in the Fair is voluntary. Students participating in this program, (those in the Technology in International Commerce and International Business Faculties (Preimum Plaza Campus) will be exposed to expositions and clothing related to their chosen country.

    Theme 2016
    Africa - “Its cultural wealth, geography, customs and international relations”

    • Registration: Deadline 28 February 2017
    • Preparation: To define
    • Assembly:14 March
    • Countries Cultural Fair:15 March
    • Awards:To define

    Information and registration:

    Diego Montoya
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    Edwin Gómez Urán
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    Estefanía Duque
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    Ola Adel de Egipto,

    Ola Adel from Egypt, our new international intern from AIESEC tells us about her experience in Arabic #ORIEsumer #MedellínesBilingüe

    Getting to know Canada

    On 2 November, Esumer received Dave Orellana. Dave is the Liason Officer for South America at the University of Victoria in Canada. Esumer and UVC have been cooperating closely to promote the bilingual ability of their students. Originally from Venezuela, Dave relocated to Canada some years ago. He was able to speak to a classroom of  thirty students eager to learn about the opportunities provided by his university. There was a special interest in the English language program, which also offers a home stay with a local family. Students took the initiative to ask questions about the availability of scholarships and life in Canada.

    Victoria is the capital of the province of British Columbia and offers a variety of sights and experiences. To those who are interested in studying at the University of Victoria, please contact the Office of International Relations for further information. We invite the entire academic community to take advantage of this offer and participate in the program with our partner institution in Canada.

    “Live it up with Germany”

    In continuing with its newfound tradition of advancing internationalization, Esumer was happy to host Klaus Freigang on 9 November 2016. Klaus is a personal friend of one of the current interns at the university and was in Colombia for a visit. During his time in the country, he was able to moderate a small event about German culture with the administrative staff at Robledo.

    Attended by more than 20 of the staff and lasting over an hour, Klaus prepared a list of questions about Germany for a friendly competition. Staff members were treated to the traditional German snack currywurst (boiled sausage with a curry tomato ketchup) while competing for their prizes: three types of imported German beer (Weizen – “white/wheat beer”, Schwarz – “black beer” and Alt – “old/lager beer”). At the end there was also an award for the person best dressed in the colors of the German flag.

  • Regards

    Minerva, our colleague from AIESEC in Mexico

    Hello! My name is Minerva Hernández, I´m Mexican and 22 years old. I studied International Commerce and Customs and am currently doing a profesional internship at Esumer. Part of my duties is to support the Faculty of Business and Market Studies and breeding grounds for research. This is for a period of four months, at which time I will conclude my degree.

    Before beginning the internship, I had the choice between Puerto Rico and Colombia. After some research on each country, I chose Medellín without a second thought. Medellín is the most innovative city in the world, has a pleasant climate, but above all, the happiest people in the world live here. I love it!

    While this is my first international experience, I have had the opportunity to know all of Mexico. That is due to the fact that my parents are anthropologists and travel a lot. I owe my taste for travel to them.

    I have only spent two months in Colombia, but I love it as much as my own country.

    Mexico is a country located in the southern part of North America, shares borders with the United States, Guatemala and Belize. It has coasts on the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. The oficial name is the United States of Mexico. It has a democratic, federal form of government.

    It consists of 31 states and a Federal District. The capital, Mexico City is located in the Federal District.  Mexico is the third largest country in terms of land in Latin America. According to the INEGI, the population is up to 121 million inhabitants.

    According to the World Tourism Organization, Mexico is the main destination in Latin America and the tenth most visited in the world. This is due to the existence of thirty two natural and cultural sites considered by UNESCO as World Heritage sites.

    Mexico is recognized for being a culturally rich nation, full of stunning destinations to see. The country contains the largest number of speakers of indigenous languages and dialects, with over 65 living languages registered in 2014.

    In Mexico, we are very festive. Any occasion is the perfect pretext to celebrate and spend time with family and friends. We celebrate the most conventional to mundane things; whether our national team wins a match or it is the Day of Love and Friendship, Day of the Dead, Independence Day, etc. There are special days dedicated mothers, fathers, women, children, lawyers, hairdressers, blacksmiths, nurses and more. We celebrate absolutely everything!

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