Academic Mobility

"I want to study abroad but ... It's very expensive!"

"It would be a good time, but I do not think I have time to do it."

The above quotes are directly from students who want an academic experience abroad, but there are so many doubts, so this document will provide guidance to break doubts, answer all your questions and offer the opportunity to experience anywhere in the world.

Success story - Experience in Colombia

“I have had two international experiences in my life. The first time I truly left the United States by myself was to travel to Bolivia with a small group of students from my University and my professor. After 2 months in Bolivia, I returned with a renewed lust for new experiences and desperate to see the rest of Latin America and the world. This desire to explore led me to accept a position at ESUMER for 6 months through AIESEC. This experience has been by far the most formative of my life. I had the chance to come to a new country where I did not know anyone, where I struggled to speak the language, to work in a professional environment with which I was unfamiliar. I absolutely believe that I am a stronger and more confident human being after coming to Colombia. It is easy to get caught in the mindset where you believe that the whole world is only what you can see around you. This is not the case. Without studying abroad and putting myself outside of my comfort zone I would be less open to new experiences, people and ideas. There is absolutely no substitute for experiencing a new culture and country. University is a time where teachers teach you HOW to think. They teach you how to approach problems and solve them in the best possible way. Traveling abroad allows you to THINK for yourself. Traveling allows you to use and develop the skill set that you have spent the past 3, 4, 5 years of life gaining. Never allow your own fear or the belief that you cannot afford to travel abroad stop you. You have one life, and we live on one small planet, it is time to go out and see it.”

-Brandon Michieli-Denver,Colorado, USA



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