Strategic thinking


  • Mission

    We are a higher education institution that develops and monitors the training processes that are combined with the administrative processes of public and private organizations, and cooperates with them.

  • Vision

    In 2019, we plan on being well known regionally, nationally and internationally, as a school that creates and develops business outlook, in the areas of Marketing, International Business, Business Administration, Finance and Management with a special emphasis based on the integration of teaching, research and extension processes.

  • Desired Scenario for 2019

    In 2019, Esumer is clearly heading towards realizing its renewed vision. Academic and excellent productivity has spread to all expectations based on the success lessons of experience. Sustainability improves when entering a virtuous cycle driven by academic excellence with business purposes, connectivity and coordination with national and international peers as well as social, economic and governmental sectors.

    This scenario involves various parties to carry out key actions such as composite studies, institutional harmony, new educational alternatives, the ability to manage complexity, spirituality and the reappearance of values as a main concern, creating intra-organizational, inter-organizational and extra-organizational forms of support, as well as integral organizational injections of value and image.

    Scope of the objectives for 2019 involve a policy of strengthening human talent and the development of teachers, students, alumni and employees, based on the orientation and membership commitment to Esumer. In that way, the scenario is supported by a physical infrastructure and advanced technology as well as good quantitative/qualitative financial management, which allows Esumer to generate visionary proposals and projects and mobilizing that could contribute to economic growth, environmental sustainability and the social development of the city, the region, the nation and even on an international level.

  • Values

    Solidarity - Social Commitment:
    We work to contribute to the welfare of our society.

    We have a creative attitude, courage and an entrepreneur mindset.

    Knowing the need of our people pushes us meet their needs and expectations. "We treat our customers as we would like to be treated".

    We are transparent, clear and ethical in our attitudes and the services we offer.

    Prospective Attitude:
    We formed a team with vision and attitude towards the long term.

    We take individual commitments towards common goals.
  • Strategic Variables

    Corporate Social Responsibility:

    We don't deal with it as a trend or simple awareness; we approach it in the full extent of its meaning and its impact on the future. Corporate Social Responsibility is our main focus that goes beyond its legal requirements and obligations which makes us think not only of our regular clients but about the community at large to achieve social development.

    Investigation - Development – Innovation –Knowledge Management (GC+I):

    The process in which we generate knowledge that is derived from the use of basic research broadly applied fruitful methods and productive techniques in order to accomplish a greater efficiency, participation and growth of new and better products and services for our economy.

    Glocalización (Local Globalization):

    Joins the concept of globalization and localization. Its objective is to try to understand the current process of transformation as it fits in with the local and global dynamics. We try to obtain and centralize the development from within, starting from a regional and local standpoint until reaching a national viewpoint, making sure that the first thing in mind is the internal market but also making use certain benefits of Globalization


    Interacting Business - Education -State (E.E.E.):

    Considered an agreement between Public-Private Actors, looking for determination, using strategies, programs, projects, politics and fundamental actions chasing development. Public and private business and educative relations are widened to global magnitudes with ties, treaties and assistance given by the foundation of International Relations.

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