Governing Bodies

High Council

The High Council is the body responsible for determining the philosophical principles governing the Foundation and giving it a permanent orientation in accordance with the transformations that take place in society. It is the supreme administrative authority of the Foundation and its decisions and agreements bind all present and absent members whenever such decisions have been taken in the manner prescribed by law and these organic statutes.

General Assembly of Delegates

The General Assembly of Delegates is the academic and administrative control authority of the Foundation and its decisions and agreements will be channeled through the Board of Directors and the Academic Council and oblige all members of the Institution.

Board of Directors

The Directing Council is the body responsible for the progress of the Foundation and last instance in the academic order.


The Rector is the legal representative of the Foundation. He is elected by the Superior Council for a period of two (2) years and may be re-elected.

Academic Council

The Academic Council is the collegiate body whose main purpose is to direct, guide and coordinate matters related to the academic process.

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