Esumer is an Educational Institution that began with Marketing and Sales courses. The institution created in 1970, under the leadership of “Diriventas” (National Association of Sales Managers), a national union wanted to organize the work of Sales Managers across the country. With an innovative spirit and across time, the institution  began to provide the country with Marketing Technicians, which did not exist before. Opportunities in new professional horizons opened up for the youth of the country. In turn, this promoted social and industrial development.

In December 1972 the institution changed its name to Esumer (Superior School of Marketing), began to set goals for the institution in terms of "training and research in the areas of sales, markets and related branches at a technological level."

Thanks to their efforts, in 1977 Esumer was able to strengthen itself as an institution of higher education supported legally by the National Ministry of Education.

In 2005 new challenges for Esumer appeared; the results of this year showed how the work of a team was committed to quality. Accordingly, the National Ministry of Education gave Esumer the authorization of high quality in the fields of  Technology in International Trade, Technology in Management and Finance and Technology in Marketing, under resolutions 743, 2242 and 3947 respectively.

Based on these achievements, Esumer is constituted as a leading institute, which offers graduate and postgraduate degrees and adds their academic training processes with corporate services, such as assessments, consultations, research and continuing education programs.Today, Esumer is well recognized in local, regional and national levels in the areas of; economic - administrative knowledge and marks the beginning of a new age in which major projects develop from the academic, technological and research point of view and in the practice of corporate social responsibility.

Today, with 43 years of experience in training Esumer has been rewarded with high recognition at the local, regional and national levels, in the areas of economic - administrative - while creating important projects from an academic, research view and in the exercise of corporate social responsibility.

Esumer maintains institutional agreements for the development of projects which strengthens the institutional processes.

Esumer, cares to develop and promote the knowledge in economic and administrative fields, through research, teaching and extension in higher education programs of undergraduate and graduate, cares for capacity building human and professional people in the scientific, humanistic, labor and future studies fields with integral character to act in the process of globalization and be actors towards preserving the environment, allowing proactively its responsibility to the productive sector and the society.

The organization focuses its efforts towards its consolidation as a center of economic-administrative culture which by nature has a special responsibility to society, that must be and will be attentive in their activity patterns and requirements arising from the fields of knowledge associated with economic and administrative disciplines, engaging in the search for new problems and their solution with high classic sense and in the context of a universal conception.

Esumer currently has 3 offices, the main campus is located in Robledo in which technologies and professional degrees are offered, main office careers, continuous and postgraduate training, Premium Plaza  located in the shopping center and La Fe, which works to strengthen the relationship with companies and graduates; and develop processes, future studies, innovation and internationalization, with a view to institutional diploma.

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Sede Robledo

Calle 76 No. 80-126 Carretera al Mar
  • Conmutador: (57)(4)4038130 - Medellín
  • Fax: (57)(4)2649855
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Sede Premium Plaza

Carrera 43a N° 30-25 Piso 3A
  • Conmutador: (57)(4)4038130 - Medellín
  • Fax: (57)(4)2649855

Sede La Fe

Oriente Antioqueño
  • Sector Parque Los Salados