Business Administration and Marketing

Código SNIES: 51623

Degree Awarded:
Degree in Business Administration and Marketing

Study Mode:
On campus
Evenings from Monday to Friday or Saturdays (intensive)
Three semesters as a associate degree

The Bachelor in Financial Management aims to strategically manage the financial processes of an organization, based on moral and ethical values, entrepreneurial spirit, social and environmental responsibility that contribute, by adding value, to the sustainability and development of the organization.

Occupational profile:
Manager in Marketing and trade department
Manager of the department of Tecnology of informaction and communications focusing in service, sales and marketing.
Coordinator in the econocmics and comercial áreas in diverse companies.
Research the different markets and organizational enviroments.
Model designer focus in thecnics, methods and tools, apllied in the organization development
Business consultant
Entrepreneur (Owner of your own business)



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