SNIES Code: 101265

Qualification awarded:
Master of Marketing.
Study Mode:
On campus
Classes are held Monday and Tuesday from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Four academic semesters

Esumer University recognizes that in the era of globalization, it is important to ensure a professional performance in the area of marketing. Faced with this reality, the Master of Marketing is Esumer´s proposal to executives seeking to lead, manage and develop innovative marketing strategies that are differentiated, competitive and effective. The program offers a substantial change in the way the professional impacts the organization's results and its stock performance; ensuring sustainable results and value to the business in a local and global context.

To form a Master based on the thorough analysis of the marketing variables, able to implement relevant strategies within the organizations to achieve optimal levels of competitiveness in the local and global context.

Student Profile
Applicants to the program are professionals with work experience, seeking to design themselves in the area of marketing and to have a high impact on the business environment; through accurate academic training and the opportunity to share multiple experiences and perspectives.

Graduate Profile
The graduate will be able to:

Provide advice and consultancy in marketing
Read and analyze market trends
Act with ethics and social responsibility
Analyze the international business environment
Plan and analyze marketing information systems
Provide innovative solutions and create value for the organization and society
Take ownership of management tools (decision making, marketing and negotiation)
Plan, monitor and analyze the processes of marketing and sales.
Optimize marketing channels and supply chains.
Plan and conduct research and market intelligence
Develop assertive communication with work teams in organizations
Understand the management models

The Master of Marketing is developed under the traditional approach. The program is served in Esumer´s new facility located at Premium Plaza Shopping Center.

Financial Support:
Esumer has made several agreements with financial institutions to structure funding systems for graduate students, with suitable alternatives in the short, medium and long term.

For more information contact the Financial Area
PBX: (57-4) 403 81 30 ext. 4257 ó 4279.

Fields of action
Market research
Market intelligence
Strategic Marketing Management
Strategic sales management

Areas of action
Vice-president of marketing and sales
Marketing departments
Departments of market research
Sales and marketing consulting
Marketing information systems
Area of logistics

General Information
Marketing Coordinator
PBX: (57-4) 403 81 30 Opc.1


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