International Business

SNIES Code: 101283

Qualification awarded:
Master in International Business. Consulting emphasis
Study Mode:
On Campus
classes are held Fridays from 5:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m

four academic semesters

Global markets, hyper-competition, information technology and communication, new trade agreements, building a new economy and the transition of world authority are some elements of the new recipes that international negotiators must learn today. In the context of Colombia's performance, it is undeniable that there is a renewed air of integration at the regional, continental and global level, a fact that is confirmed by the signing of important recent and subsequent free trade agreements that push our country into the global environment and allow the country to increase visibility. This new dynamic presents important challenges, but also many opportunities for growth and expansion of domestic companies.

Esumer´s Master of International Business is based on accurate study of the variables described. Our program teaches the basic tools of risk management, knowledge of markets to reduce the damages in organizations, as well as visualization and exploiting the opportunities in terms of business and investment for different types of companies, who see international trade as their most promising horizon.

Esumer´s Master in International Business graduate will be able to intervene in the process of internationalization of public and private organizations, with a deep knowledge of the international context and a long-term approach; as a consultant, adviser and researcher.

Student Profile
Applicants to the program are professionals with work experience, seeking to project themselves in the area of international business and to have a high impact on the business environment; through accurate academic training and the opportunity to share multiple experiences and perspectives.

The Master of International Business is developed under the traditional approach. The program is served in Esumer´s new facility located at Premium Plaza Shopping Center.
This mode allows the student to provide work commitments with academic, discipline devoting the time required for independent work; through readings, workshops, papers and analysis of materials provided.

Financial Support
Esumer has made several agreements with financial institutions to structure funding systems for graduate students, with suitable alternatives in the short, medium and long term.

For more information contact the Financial Area.
PBX: (57-4) 403 81 30 ext. 4301 ó 4239.

The graduate will be able to:
Provide advice and consultancy in International Business.
Read and analyze trends in integrated international environment
Act with ethics and social responsibility
Provide innovative solutions and create value for the organization and society
Take ownership of management tools (decision making, marketing and negotiation)
Plan, monitor and analyze the processes of international negotiation
Glimpse opportunities and constraints in the integration environment at national, regional and global levels
Understand and interpret the policy and regulatory framework of the international business activity
Develop strategic proposals to build competitive advantage to domestic products and companies for the sake of its internationalization.

Fields of action
International negotiations
International relations and diplomacy.
International business management
International marketing
International market research
Legal framework for international business
International finance
International physical distribution
Departments of imports and exports
International Business Area services (tourism, insurance, transportation companies, financial institutions).
International divisions of public and private organizations and NGOs.

General Information
Marketing and Communications
PBX: (57-4) 403 81 30 Opc.1


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