SNIES Code: 103587

Degree Awarded:
Master in Finance
Study Mode:
On Campus
Wednesday and Thursday 6:00 p.m - 10:00 p.m

4 Semesters

In the age of globalization, free markets, and rapid technological advancement; the main challenge in the country, with no doubt, is that businesses and the economy in general reach new levels of competitivity that permit cycles of high and sustained growth to secure the well being of the citizens. Consequently, society requires professionals capable of providing creative solutions and innovators who can solve the modern problems that come with a dynamic market. In the area of finance, professionals are required to ensure value generation and sustained economic growth.

The Masters in Finance from Esumer offers students a formation based around technology, strategy, and a touch of humanity. The Masters in Finance program is looking for high performing professionals, leaders with ethical sensibilities, and social responsibility capable of erasing the problems associated with finance and value generation in public and private organizations.

The program looks to position the concept of finance as a managerial philosophy of business and to rise strategies capable of achieving crucial change in the finance department in order to influence how companies looking to conduct business in all areas of an organization that are aligned with the objective of value generation; this is to say, with a vision to generate utility, growth and sustainability in the context of a global economy.

The objective of the Masters in Finance program is to form a professional with the capacity to lead with a strategic vision, with forward thinking, and to integrate the financial processes of an organization. Through the articulation with other functional areas, the professional will permit the the development of innovative solutions and the creation of synergy that leads to obtain competitive advantages and value generation.

Student Profile:
Those aspiring to join into the Master of Finance program are professionals in the area of economic administration, with business experience, and an entrepreneurial spirit; with the desire to support the development of their skills, working in the area of finance or the aspiration to participate in the field.

Fields of Action:
Financial theory
Strategic and forward planning
Project Management
Financial management
Financial planning
Management skills
Financial modeling
Financial audit
Financial markets
International finances
Diagnostic and consulting models
Investment portfolio management
Financial risk management
Management information systems
Company Valuation

Graduate Profile:
Corporate President
Financial Vice-President
Financial Planning Manager
Investment Banking Manager
Manager Business Structuring
Treasury manager
Branch manager
Chief of Costs and Budgets

During the academic process, the Master of Finance is developed under the modality (Wednesday and Thursday) at the headquarters Premium Plaza.
This mode allows the student to provide work commitments with academic, discipline devoting the time required for independent work; through readings, workshops, papers and analysis of materials provided.

Financial Support
Esumer has made several agreements with financial institutions to structure funding systems for graduate students, with suitable alternatives in the short, medium and long term.

For more information contact the Financial Area
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General Information
Marketing and Communications
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