Project Management

SNIES Code: 53496

Degree Awarded:
Project Management Specialist
Study Mode:
On Campus
Monday and Tuesday from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. On weeks with a holiday Monday, classes will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Three periods of four months (1 year)

Post graduate program with long history and high strategic profile characterized by:
Esumer has 40+ years experience in higher education in the economic and administrative areas, with Technological, College and Graduate programs. A major institutional experience in implementing projects in partnership with public and private organizations. A program that meets the current needs of public and private organizations and the skills to be developed by experts in project management, built from Esumer´s close relationship with the enterprises. A group of professors with extensive training in finance and education, not only academic experts, but also with broad experience in Project Management from their current key positions in different organizations.
A theoretical and practical learning model that allows the students to develop a real project along the different subjects of the program. This project can also be developed for a new company, with the advice of Esumer´s Coordination of Entrepreneurship for the construction of its business plan.
A virtual learning platform that complements the classroom training with e-learning.

Occupational Profile:
Formulate, evaluate and monitor projects in public and private organizations
Business consulting with re-designs purposes
Design business strategies
Design project management models
Financial and social project evaluation
Decide on the best way to finance projects
Develop business plans as a tool for entrepreneurship development
Manage projects or companies managed by projects




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