Marketing Management

SNIES Code: 53380

Degree Awarded:
Specialist in Marketing Management
Study Mode:
On Campus
Monday and Tuesday from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. On weeks with a holiday Monday, classes will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Three periods of four months (1 year)
Post graduate program with long history and high strategic profile characterized by:
Esumer has nearly 40-year experience in higher education in the economic and administrative areas, with Technological, College and Graduate programs. A program that meets the current needs of public and private organizations and the skills to be developed by experts in Marketing Management, built from Esumer´s close relationship with the enterprises. With a group of professors with extensive training in marketing and education, not only academic experts, but also, with broad experience in Marketing Management due to their current key positions in different organizations.
A theoretical and practical learning model that allows the students to develop a real marketing plan along the different subjects of the program. This project can also be developed for a new company, with the advice of Esumer´s Coordination of Entrepreneurship for the construction of its business plan. A virtual learning platform that complements the classroom training with e-learning.

Occupational Profile:
Business Manager
Product or brand manager
Marketing Manager
Manager of logistics and distribution
Market Researcher
Marketing consultant
Sales Manager
Services Manager
Director of Points of Sale
Market research manager


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